Health Benefits of Acupuncture for Seniors

Acupuncture may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea at first glance. However, many doctors are large proponents of the ancient Chinese medicine treatment for a myriad of diseases. Elderly people especially may benefit from acupuncture. The ancient treatment has been linked to treating everything from common, everyday headaches to obesity. If your elderly loved one has aches and pains, has a poor disposition, or suffers from ill health, then acupuncture may be the perfect alternative medicine treatment for them.

Aching Backs

Acupunctures therapy has been successfully shown to relieve chronic back pain, and according to many acupuncturists, chronic back pain is one of the main reasons that patients visit their offices. Medical studies have even found that by applying pressure only, no needles, to acupuncture pressure points, patients with back pain saw greater improvement in symptoms than patients who went to chiropractors and took medications.

Boosts Pharmaceutical Effects

Acupuncture has also been proven in many studies to boost the effects of pharmaceuticals in your body. Specifically, studies have been conducted on the drug Prozac that is utilized for clinical depression. Patients who took Prozac and received acupuncture felt reduction in their anxiety and depression while taking smaller doses of the medication. Acupuncture also helped reduce the side effects of Prozac such as nausea and weight gain.

Soothes Indigestion

Regular acupuncture therapy can also help reduce the amount of indigestion you feel after eating spicy and fatty foods. Indigestion is a problem that affects millions of people each year, and taking too many antacid pills can really wreak havoc on your digestive system. Acupuncture though, is a natural treatment for indigestion that can help you reduce your medication use for indigestion and start feeling a lot better.

Dulls Headaches

Numerous studies over the years have found that acupuncture can greatly reduce chronic headaches. If you suffer from headaches on a daily or a weekly basis, then acupuncture could really change your life. With regular therapy, you could become pain free and medication free.

Curbs Appetite

Researchers are not quite sure yet why acupuncture helps with obesity, but they are certain that it does help. Acupuncture has been found to be an effective weight loss treatment in many studies around the world. Participants in the study found that acupuncture therapy led to a larger reduction in weight than just lifestyle changes alone.


If you are still curious about acupuncture after seeing everything that it can do, then continue reading to learn a bit more about some of the key things you should know before booking your first appointment.

It does not hurt

Most people who are weary about acupuncture, do not want to try it because they think it may hurt. While this is usually a proper reaction when needles will be stuck in your skin, with acupuncture, it is completely uncalled for. Acupuncture does not hurt at all. The needles that are utilized in acupuncture therapies are so thin that you may not even feel them enter your skin. They bear no resemblance to needles that doctors use to draw blood or give injections, and can even be as thin as a single strand of hair. Instead of pain, many patients describe feeling heaviness and a dull ache in the acupuncture pressure points whenever the needle is inserted. If you are afraid of needles, then let your acupuncturist know during your first session. They can start with the smallest, thinnest needles they have to ensure that you will not feel a thing.

It is not a one-time deal

Acupuncture is not something that you can have one session and then stop. Instead, it needs to be applied regularly in order to notice results. No matter what you are attending acupuncture for, you will not be able to notice results after only one session. Acupuncture works cumulatively, and will need to be given to you in many sessions. After your first session, your acupuncturist can develop a treatment plan for you to determine how many sessions you might need before seeing and feeling results.

It is not religious

For a long time, there was myth surround acupuncture that it was religious and supernatural. Neither of these is true. Acupuncture is an ancient medicine treatment that has hundreds of years of research behind it. It is not something that you need to “believe” in, like religion for you to benefit from its results.

It can be pricey, but it does not have to be

Private acupuncture therapy sessions can be as much as $100 per session. This number is astronomical, especially if you need numerous sessions to fix your issue. However, acupuncture therapy sessions do not have to be this pricey. Many insurance companies are now getting into acupuncture therapy packages, and your insurance company may pay for part or all of your treatment.

It works

The best part about acupuncture is that it works. Numerous studies have been conducted over hundreds of years to learn more about acupuncture and its benefits. Plus, if you are still skeptical about the wonders of acupuncture, then what really do you have to lose? It is an all-natural treatment that cannot harm you, it can only help.

Acupuncture is a tried and true ancient medicine treatment for a myriad of illnesses and issues. It has been utilized by natural medicine doctors for hundreds of years, and has been proven to help a variety of illnesses including the ones mentioned above. If you or your elderly loved one is dealing with chronic pain, indigestion, is trying to lose weight, or just wants to feel a little more energetic and healthy, then acupuncture is the perfect option. It is an all-natural medicine treatment that is applied by a trained and certified acupuncturist. Within a few therapy sessions, you could feel much better in your day to day life. Acupuncture can help alleviate aches and pains, can boost pharmaceutical effects, and can even help you lose weight. Plus, receiving regular acupuncture also has been shown to give people more energy, help them sleep, help them have a better mindset, and help people have greater mental clarity.