Finding the Right Pill Organizer for Your Loved One

Many people of all ages must take daily medication to live life to the fullest, especially seniors who usually take at least one type of medication every day. Medicine is an essential service and is paramount for the health and physical safety of seniors. Unfortunately, seniors can sometimes also suffer from a cognitive impairment which can affect memory function and lead to forgetting to take their prescribed drugs. Worst case scenario, they may skip doses or overdose which will have dire health consequences. Therefore, it is critical to have a safe and reliable method for taking prescribed pills according to the doctor’s orders.

One method of ensuring you have a reliable routine for taking medication is using a pill organizer. A pill organizer can have many layouts which support people who take medication on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They can come in many shapes and sizes so it is important to consider your loved one’s specific needs and purchase a pill organizer that supports those needs. If your loved one has memory function challenges, then getting a pill organizer with a reminder system can help them stay on track with their medications. Consider also what types and styles of medications are necessary for your loved one. If they need to take medications three times a day, then buying a pill organizer with morning, afternoon and night compartments will keep them organized during their daily medicine routine. Or, if your elderly loved one takes larger pills or more pills at once, then an organizer that has larger compartments will be easier for holding those pills, as well as being more accessible for those with motor function impairment. If you are concerned about overdosing, ensure you talk to your doctor about ways to keep your loved one safe from that risk. One option available may be a pill organizer that is only accessible to a single dose at a time, which can lessen the risk while maintaining the routine.

Pill Organizer Examples:

  • Weekly box with one large compartment for accessible use and daily routine
  • Weekly box with two compartments for AM/PM routine
  • Weekly box with three or four compartments to support a morning, afternoon, evening and night routine
  • Monthly pill organizers that have 28-31 pill compartments
  • Pill Organizer with a reminder system for those with memory function challenges
  • Reminder system app for phone-based reminders

Pill organizers are similar to any other assistive devices. You and your loved one need to discuss their needs with their doctor and create a plan based on those requirements. If your elderly loved one is at risk of missed doses or overdose then a personal home care worker can be an efficient safety net to ensure that they are receiving their necessary medicine as well as other valuable homecare accommodations and assistance. If using a pill organizer is not enough to keep them safe than an in-home personal care worker can give your loved one the specialized care they need and the independence they deserve.