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Safety Tips for Seniors who Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is an easy, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way to travel. No matter if you are at home or on a fun vacation, public transportation can really help you save money. Plus, it is environmentally friendly for the planet, … Continue reading

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Dysarthria (Slurred Speech) in the Elderly

Slurred speech, or dysarthria, is a common disorder that affects much of the elderly population. The condition occurs when the muscles of the mouth, face and throat become weakened and stop working properly. As people age, they begin to lose … Continue reading

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Early Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a debilitating disease, and it is definitely a diagnosis that will change your life forever. The disease is an immune mediated disorder that primarily attacks your central nervous system. For this reason, it can greatly … Continue reading

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Tips for Seniors: Grocery Shopping

Eating healthy is key to living a long and fruitful life. Without the proper food choices, you could put your body at risk for developing infections and diseases. Eating healthy is often really difficult though. Processed foods often appear cheaper … Continue reading

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Denture Care Tips For Seniors

It is often a fact of growing older that people tend to lose their natural teeth. As seniors age, years of dental work and poor dental hygiene can catch up to them. Some seniors only need a partial so that … Continue reading

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Dysphagia in the Elderly

As people age, one very common medical issue they may come across is dysphagia. This medical issue is more commonly referred to as having trouble swallowing. It can be incredibly dangerous for patients who suffer from the issue because it … Continue reading

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Safety Modifications for a Senior Friendly Bedroom

Most homes are designed for people who are young and able to move around freely. For this reason, as people age, their homes may not be up to par. As adults age, they often modify their homes to fit their … Continue reading

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The Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects thousands of people across the nation. Elderly people are especially at risk for developing the disease. Most people have an idea of what diabetes is, but they do not know the real details. If you or someone you … Continue reading

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Most Common Types of Cancer Treatment

As you age, your risk for cancer increases. Fortunately though, cancer treatment has come a long way in the past couple decades and most people who are diagnosed go on to live long, happy lives. As cancer numbers continue to … Continue reading

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Fire Safety Tips for the Elderly

After retirement, most elderly people want to do is relax. Having worked their entire lives to own their homes, cars and provide for their families, they deserve a few years of quiet and relaxation. As elderly people move forward in … Continue reading

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