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What Your Feet Can Say About Your Health

When you think about your health, you may not automatically think about your feet. Sure, your feet help you move around easily and they can be of great help to your posture and walking, but did you know that your … Continue reading

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Sciatica in the Elderly

Sciatica is a very common type of pain that many seniors feel. It is often described as a burning sensation that spans from the lower back down the back of one or both legs. The pain can begin in the … Continue reading

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Warning Signs for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease that is characterized by loss in bone mass and density. The disease is progressive and often affects the elderly more so than any other age demographics. People with this disease are at a higher … Continue reading

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Arthritis

Arthritis is a relatively common condition among people, especially in the elderly community – However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease.  With the proper knowledge, arthritis can be treated and the symptoms can be controlled so it … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Shoes to Help Seniors Avoid Falls

As we age our feet go through changes that make us more likely to fall. It is important to understand what changes to expect to avoid falls. Falls can be very dangerous for seniors and can lead to cuts, bruises, … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Care For an Elderly Person with Arthritis

Arthritis can be painful and difficult for people to deal with so family members should know how to help those with arthritis so that they can assist their loved ones when necessary. Knowing about the different types of arthritis can … Continue reading

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Swollen Ankles in the Elderly: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Swollen ankles are very common in the elderly and can be caused by many different things. They can sometimes be prevented though by following the right precautions. Swollen ankles can be very painful and uncomfortable and they can sometimes be … Continue reading

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Bone Diseases in the Elderly

Bone diseases in the elderly can be very serious and can cause pain, fractures or even bone cancer in patients. As we age, our bone density decreases which can cause bone disease or fractures to occur. Osteoporosis and Paget’s disease … Continue reading

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