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How to Talk to Your Elderly Loved One about Incontinence

If your elderly loved one suffers from incontinence, then it may be impossible to ignore. The odor, the mess and the cleanup can all be glaringly obvious signs that something is wrong. Ironically, the subject seems to be one that … Continue reading

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How to Handle an Elderly Loved one’s Difficult Behavior (Part 1)

Let’s face it, if you are a caregiver for an elderly loved one, then you probably have faced the brunt of a few bad behavior days. As people age and their health diminish, their attitudes about life and their care … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Buy the Right Adult Diaper

Many people may find themselves checking the adult diaper section of the drug store as they get older. Whether they are buying them for themselves, or making a trip for an elderly loved one, buying adult diapers can be confusing. … Continue reading

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Bath Water Temperature Safety for the Elderly

Often, when you think of dangers that lurk in homes for seniors, you do not think about bath water temperatures. However, too hot or too cold bath water temperatures can really pose a serious risk for the health of your … Continue reading

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