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Resistance Training For Seniors

As people grow older, their muscles and joints begin to break down. Add to that the fact that seniors have more brittle bones than their younger relatives, and it seems as though you are making a recipe for disaster. Seniors … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga is a fun and wonderful sport that has numerous health benefits. People of all ages can enjoy yoga and reap its benefits. However, in recent years, studies have found that yoga is especially beneficial for people over the age … Continue reading

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Exercise Safety Tips for People with Osteoporosis

Exercise is important for people with osteoporosis as it can help improve bone density in addition to strengthening the muscles. Osteoporosis can cause the bones to become brittle and lose density which makes them more likely to break, so it … Continue reading

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Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones or take a vacation. There are plenty of ways to include your elderly loved ones in your summer plans. Seniors might not enjoy … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Care For an Elderly Person with Arthritis

Arthritis can be painful and difficult for people to deal with so family members should know how to help those with arthritis so that they can assist their loved ones when necessary. Knowing about the different types of arthritis can … Continue reading

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