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How to Helps Seniors Avoid Social Isolation

Loneliness and social isolation is never good for anyone, especially seniors. Research into social settings has shown that social interactions are both mentally and physically beneficial for people of any age. Conversely, loneliness and social isolation has been linked to … Continue reading

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Keeping Up and Connecting with the Grandchildren

For many grandparents, relating to their younger grandchildren and family members can be challenging. It may take some time, and a bit of both observation and investigation to determine what your grandkids are interested in, but after a bit of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Whether you wish to celebrate your love with your spouse, your children, or your elderly loved ones, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for this. Love is a beautiful human emotion that … Continue reading

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Dealing with Elderly Loved Ones Distorted Sense of Time

As people grow older, their sense of time may diminish slightly. Along with this, comes the inability to figure out time and distinguish the time of day. While this does not occur to every elderly adult, it does happen quite … Continue reading

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How to determine if a Caregiver is doing a Good Job

If you have finally taken the plunge and have decided to hire an in-home caregiver for your elderly loved one, then congratulations. Hiring an in-home caregiver is a big step for both you and your loved one. In-home caregivers allow … Continue reading

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Dealing with a Clingy Elder

One of the largest concerns on the minds of most caregivers is their elderly loved one’s behavior. As people grow older, they may resent being alone, and if they have a caregiver, they may not want their caregiver to leave … Continue reading

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