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Gifts that Bring Nature Indoors for the Disable and Homebound Seniors

If your elderly loved one adores nature but is not able to go outside and enjoy it, then they may feel a bit down in the dumps at times. Simply looking out the window at the world is not going … Continue reading

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What Non-Medical Home Care Services Include?

If you live far away from your elderly loved ones then you may wonder if they are receiving all of the help they need, especially if they live alone. As seniors age they may find it more difficult to complete … Continue reading

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Home Care

In today’s society, much of the elderly population is choosing not to go into a nursing home or an assisted living facility once they grow older. Instead, many seniors are opting to stay in their own homes and hire caregivers. … Continue reading

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Caregiver Tips: Hair Care for Seniors

Having clean, freshly cut and freshly styled hair can completely change a person’s energy level, outlook on life and their mood. A hair cut is a way to relax and to feel and look good about yourself. However, as people … Continue reading

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Balancing Elder Care with Your Marriage

If you are a primary caregiver for someone you love, then you probably started your job pretty suddenly. Most family caregivers step up to the plate whenever one of their loved ones falls ill or becomes injured in an accident. … Continue reading

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Christmas: Holiday Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Christmas time is a time for celebration, family and joy. But, if you have an aging senior in your family then you may need to be a bit extra cautious during this holiday season. For seniors there are several dangers … Continue reading

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How to Protect an Elderly Loved One from Identity Theft

Anyone can become the victim of an identity theft crisis, but many seniors are at a higher risk of identity theft than the general population. Many seniors are vulnerable to identity theft or scams due to their trusting nature and … Continue reading

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Emergency Room Kit for Seniors

Going to the emergency room is never fun, especially for the elderly. If your elderly loved one seems to spend more time in the hospital than out of the hospital, then they have probably developed a huge distaste for the … Continue reading

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Signs of an Over-Involved Caregiver

As your loved ones age, they may need to start thinking about the idea of hiring a caregiver. Today, most of the elderly population has few choices for care during their twilight years. They can stay with family, hire a … Continue reading

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