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Power of Attorney

It is important that seniors select a responsible individual to appoint Power of Attorney to handle their personal, medical and financial affairs. It is also imperative that this is designated through the proper legal channels, so as to name the … Continue reading

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Helpful Sleep Tips for Seniors

Sleep is incredibly important for physical and mental functioning and is just as important for seniors as it is for younger people. Sleeping is when the body regenerates and recharges itself and a lack of sleep leaves it susceptible to … Continue reading

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Assisted Living/Retirement Homes versus In-Home Care

Aging is hard for both the aging individual, as well as their families. There often comes a point where a senior can no longer manage the basic activities of daily life without assistance, whether due to the physical symptoms of … Continue reading

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Recognizing the signs when seniors shouldn’t be living alone

Giving up independence is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Everyone wants to be independent and determining when it is the right time to seek assistance for an elderly or a senior can be very challenging at times. … Continue reading

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Fall Prevention for seniors

Of all the health risks that seniors and elderly face, falling is the most common one. Slips and falls are the main cause of fractures and injuries for the 65 or older age group. For this reason, seniors and caregivers … Continue reading

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The Difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

According to the recent surveys on diseases, the number of Alzheimer’s and dementia cases is on the rise. They are becoming the topmost concern for the elderly, seniors, their family members and homecare providers. Although the clinical manifestations of both … Continue reading

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Winter Safety Tips for seniors

Winter can be very a challenging time for the seniors and the elderly as they are more prone to an attack or exacerbation of diseases such as bronchitis, angina, heart diseases, allergies and various skin infections. With advancing of age, … Continue reading

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Canadian Homecare Services – Current challenges

Homecare remains and is foreseen to remain an unavoidable and complex component of every country’s health care system for that matter.  Homecare services companies like Carefect are greatly in demand today and more so in the coming years. This is … Continue reading

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